Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is SmartWater Dab-It-On™?

How does SmartWater Dab-It-On™ work?

SmartWater Dab-It-On™ is a forensic liquid that assigns your valuables with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to you and criminals back to the crime.

How can property be traced back to me?

Each Dab-It-On™ liquid carries a code which is unique – we never make the same code twice. The code within your liquid, together with your name and address details, are stored on our off-line secure database, which is maintained to the highest international standards of ISO27001. Should any of your valuables be stolen and subsequently recovered by the Police, our forensic scientists will analyse traces of SmartWater on the item to link them back to their true owner.

What sort of items can you mark with Dab-It-On™ liquid?

Dab-It-On™ offers a totally generic form of traceability, so it can be used to mark almost any household item - from jewellery to electrical equipment. You can also apply it to items stored outside such as lawnmowers, bicycles and garden furniture. A single dab means that the item is instantly registered with our database.

Why can’t I just use a UV pen to mark my property?

Unlike our Dab-It-On™ liquid, UV pens do not offer a secure solution for marking property and have two major flaws. Firstly UV pens can only be used if there is a suitable surface area on which to write your details, which is problematic for jewelery and other small items. Secondly, there is nothing to stop a thief from striking through a postcode or any other identifying marking with another UV pen, thus erasing any link back to the true owner.

Can Dab-It-On™ liquid be used outdoors?

Yes, SmartWater is extremely robust and will withstand a range of operating conditions. SmartWater is made from metal-based materials and does not contain any DNA or other organic components, meaning it is extremely hard-wearing and will not require regular reapplication. SmartWater was the first forensic coding product to achieve PAS 820:2012 Grade A External standard, which is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years even when used outdoors.

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2. Why a monthly program?

Why do I have to pay a monthly program fee, why can't I simply buy a bottle of Dab-It-On™ liquid?

By signing up to SmartWater you are not just purchasing our product, you are becoming a subscriber of SmartWater’s deterrent network. On your behalf, SmartWater Investigators will partner with the police on year-round strategies to put pressure on thieves and handlers of stolen goods. This includes raids, ‘stop and search’ checks for SmartWater marked property, covert operations against persistent criminals, crime mapping and TV advertising aimed at criminals. Only by continuously carrying out this work is it possible to ensure SmartWater remains a potent criminal deterrent.

Why do I need a separate program for my vehicle / boat?

As our forensic scientists will create a solution that is unique for that vehicle / boat we are able to record specific information such as make, model, chassis number etc. Furthermore, if the vehicle or boat is sold then the new owner has the option of taking on our service and as a monthly subscriber, you have the option of receiving a complimentary SmartWater pack for your replacement vehicle. If you are interested in our Vehicle / Marine products please contact us via our inquiry form or email

What happens if I wish to discontinue my monthly program?

You may discontinue your monthly program from 12-months onwards (by giving us 30 days written notice), although we trust that you find the deterrent power and peace of mind that SmartWater offers good reason to maintain your ongoing program. We invite you to have another look at our latest news to remind you of the work we carry out to maintain the deterrent value of SmartWater. If crime appears to be down in your area, it is possibly due to the deterrent of SmartWater you have enjoyed so far.

Furthermore, if you do decide to cancel, we will ask you, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Sale, to remove ALL SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent stickers and signs from your property and your details will be removed from our secure database, effective from the end of the initial minimum term.

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3. Registration

Why can I only register and protect 10 items? What if I have more?

This is an introductory offer at a special discounted price. Each Dab-It-On™ program is supplied with sufficient liquid and THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent stickers to mark 10 items. If however, you wish to register more than 10 items, please complete our easy-to-use inquiry form and we will look at creating a larger program bespoke to your needs.

If you have already purchased a program and have liquid left over, it is likely that you have not applied enough solution and we would ask that you refer back to your Application Instructions.

Why can I only register my Dab-It-On™ liquid to one address?

SmartWater is not only powered by the tireless behind the scenes work that we carry out with law enforcement agencies, but also by the number of convictions in court due to the use of SmartWater Technology. This means helping the police build the evidential chain surrounding each conviction – being able to place a criminal at a specific crime scene using your unique forensic code is all part of this strategy. For this reason it is essential that each Dab-It-On™ liquid is registered to just one address.

What happens if I move house?

For security purposes we will only accept account changes in writing. Please email detailing the changes you would like to make. There is no charge for updating your account information.

What happens if I sell an item which I have marked with Dab-It-On™ liquid?

This is not a problem. Simply make a note of the item you have sold and the person you have sold it to. You should also provide a receipt for the buyer, so they have proof that they have bought the item. Even if the new owner does not choose to register the protected item, your code will help Police track down the owner should the goods be stolen and later recovered. A Transfer of Ownership Form can be emailed free of charge by emailing or by calling us on 954-315-3938.

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4. Payment & Delivery

How do I pay for my monthly program?

We accept most major credit / debit cards* and payments are taken on a monthly recurring basis once the initial 3-month period has concluded. Please note that all purchases are subject to a minimum program commitment of 12-months, after which you have the option to cancel.
(*Mastercard and Visa)

How will I receive my order and how long will it take to be dispatched?

All products will be dispatched from our Fort Lauderdale offices and will fit through a typical letter box. Orders will be dispatched within 7-14 working days from receipt of payment.

What happens if I am not fully satisfied with my order?

If you have made a purchase and changed your mind, providing the package remains unopened and is in resalable condition, it can be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. Before you do, please call our Customer Services line (954-315-3938) and we will be happy to answer any concerns you may have. Please note the cost of the return will not be refunded.

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5. Application Queries – Inc. Shelf Life and Durability

Is Dab-It-On™ easy to apply?

SmartWater Dab-It-On™ is very easy to apply and requires no specialist training or equipment. In addition every SmartWater Pack comes with application guidelines to help you with the application process.

Can Dab-It-On™ liquid withstand routine cleaning?

Yes, SmartWater’s Dab-It-On™ liquid has been designed to withstand routine cleaning, so you will not need to reapply any solution after cleaning. Please make sure you carefully read the Application Instructions supplied with your pack.

Does Dab-It-On™ contain DNA?

No, Dab-It-On™ liquid is made from metal-based inert, inorganic compounds, making it significantly more robust than DNA. By its very nature, DNA is extremely fragile and can be easily removed using basic household cleaning products and is destroyed under short term exposure to ultraviolet light. This makes DNA unsuitable for long-term property coding.

What happens if I get Dab-It-On™ on my skin during application, will it come off? Is it toxic?

Dab-It-On™ liquid is water-based liquid and completely non-hazardous. Full health and safety instructions are provided with each system ordered.

Will Dab-It-On™ liquid transfer on to my hands when I am handling my coded property?

No, once Dab-It-On™ has been applied to an item and it has dried, it will not transfer. SmartWater solutions are permanent and therefore not designed to be removed. Please be sure to follow the health and safety instructions contained within your Application Guidelines.

What is the shelf life of Dab-It-On™ liquid?

Once applied, Dab-It-On™ is permanent and able to withstand long term, direct exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures. SmartWater’s Dab-It-On™ liquid conforms to the highest possible standards of robustness (Grade A External specification, BSI PAS 820:2012). The unique forensic code is guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years if applied in accordance with the Application Instructions supplied with your liquid. Whilst still in the bottle, the shelf life is 2 years from the date on manufacture. A use by date will be printed on the bottle.

Can the liquid wear off on, for example, Jewelery?

Once an item has been marked with Dab-It-On™ and the liquid has dried, it will harden, making it extremely difficult to remove. Minimal wear may occur on some items such as jewelery, in which case you may wish to reapply the liquid periodically (approximately every 5 years). If you are concerned that wear may have occurred, then simply check for traces of Dab-It-On™ liquid on the item using a UV black light source. If the Dab-It-On™ liquid is still present it will fluoresce yellow.

Do I need to let SmartWater CSI know which items I have marked?

No, by simply “dabbing-on” our forensic liquid you are essentially registering that item on our database – no further action, though you may also wish to keep a list for your own records.

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6. Additional Supplies

Can I purchase additional supplies of Dab-It-On™ liquid and THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent stickers?

To order further supplies please contact our Customer Service line on 954-315-3938.

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7. Any Other Questions

I have heard that my neighbor / friend / relative have received free or discounted SmartWater product. Why is this and how do I get some?

These SmartWater products are purchased by Local Authorities or Police Organizations as part of Crime Prevention Initiatives to reduce burglaries and crime in an area of their designation. The distribution of these SmartWater packs is strictly controlled by the parties involved and not by SmartWater CSI. Please contact your Local Authority for further information.

What is the procedure if I was unfortunate enough to get burglarized?

You must report it to the Police in the usual way and be sure to tell them that your valuables are marked with SmartWater. If you’re thinking about making a claim through your insurance provider you will also need to let them know immediately. Finally please inform SmartWater CSI’s Customer Services Department; we will take your crime reference number and, where possible, liaise with local law enforcement agencies.